Our hearts are with Myanmar during this difficult time.

We remain committed to supporting the health and education of the country's most vulnerable youth.
Thank you for your donations and continued support.


We support vulnerable children and their communities in Myanmar.


Our work unfolds in three stages:
1) We fund food, shelter, education, and health care on a short-term basis;
2) We facilitate the development of local strategies to meet these needs in the long-term; and
3) We support the implementation of these strategies.
We place particular emphasis on education as the most effective way to reduce poverty, strengthen communities, combat racism, and promote personal and social transformation.

Operating Principles

  • We ask questions and listen rather than assuming.
  • We reinforce the leadership of local staff members, oversight committees, and organizations.
  • We partner with other organizations to maximize impact.
  • We purchase goods and supplies within Myanmar whenever possible.
  • We fund our own travel and administrative expenses. All funds raised go directly to help those in need.




Children get creative
Children at Metta Geha get creative with supplies provided by Metta Partners.

Update on COVID-19 in Myanmar

Despite initial evidence that Myanmar was escaping the worst of the pandemic, infections escalated and the country had to lock down. International flights have been banned since April, making the expansion of foreign investment in the Myanmar economy difficult and decreasing tourism, a large and important industry in the country, by over 75%.

A report from the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health states that  Continue reading...»

December 2020 Update

It took a global pandemic to stop the annual site visits which our U.S.-based partners have made for over a decade. Fortunately, our Myanmar-based partners closely monitor all of our projects—aided by increasingly reliable technology—and keep the full group apprised.  Continue reading...»

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Metta Geha Children's Home

Chin Hills, Kanpetlet

The project that started it all, this children’s home is run by a young woman who grew up in Kanpetlet. It houses 55 children from birth through age 21.

Sanda Rama Monastic School


Created by a dedicated and progressive monk, Sanda Rama educates nearly 500 students in seven grades, while also providing education and health care for the surrounding community.

Kanpetlet Emergency Medical Fund

Chin Hills, Kanpetlet

Supervised by an oversight committee made up of local leaders, this fund provides for the unanticipated medical needs of community members.

Who We Are

We support vulnerable children and their communities in Myanmar.


Email us at mettapartners@mettapartners.org.

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A little goes a long way in supporting vulnerable children in Myanmar. 100% of raised funds go towards their welfare.

Your tax-deductible donation to Metta Partners in Myanmar will appear on your statement as Cetana Educational Foundation, our fiscal sponsor. Thank you.

If you would like to write a check, please make your check payable to Cetana Educational Foundation. Please note “Metta Partners in Myanmar” in the memo line. Mail check to: Jeannette Taylor, 18 Russet Court, Lincoln, MA, 01773.

Hlaing Tha Yar Township
Yangon, Myanmar

We are so grateful to each of our donors. Special thanks to:

Our Story

Decades of poverty and misrule have left many children in Myanmar in need of food, education, and health care. Some are orphans, while others have families who cannot afford to care for them.

Metta Partners began when a small group of American travelers trekking in the Chin State met a young woman committed to helping the children in her hometown. In a small village, where traditional slash and burn agriculture has severely limited villagers’ food resources, she started a home with little but the conviction that these children needed to be looked after.

Moved to help, the group returned to the US and began raising funds to support the project. Multiple trips later, the original group has expanded to include additional members, each of whom brings unique skills to the endeavour, and has become involved in multiple projects.

Metta Geha, the children’s home in the Chin Hills that started it all, houses over 50 young people between the ages of three and 20. Among the many fine youth homes in Burma, this one stands out due to the children’s joyful spirits and the care they display toward one another.